Roger McLean is a dedicated spiritual teacher and author who has devoted his life to teaching and healing.

The Roger McLean website has been created to enhance your journey of self discovery, assisting you in reaching your full potential and finding your special uniqueness through the writings, the products and the spirituality that originates from Roger McLean. Each part of the website that touches your life will be the cornerstones of your future spiritual development.

The Roger McLean website has been created as a professional and accountable structure to deliver Roger McLean's spiritual mission.

The website's purpose is to create and market a range of services and products that aid the wellbeing, healing process and spiritual journey of humanity.
Roger is a Reiki Master and Spiritual Teacher of the highest calibre and holds regular workshops and seminars.

In workshops and seminars Roger gently guides and often challenges in order to open your inner knowing. His direct and engaging approach will strengthen that which you already know and expand and deepen your growth and understanding of your personal journey.
Roger, in his quest to share his own spiritual path is also an author.

Roger publishes a varity of spiritual works to assist people in becoming more responsible for themselves and their own healing of themselves.
Roger continuously searches for new and innovative ways to easily and effectively communicate his message.
Roger is a student of the ancient tradition of herbal remedies.

After thirty years of experience in producing premium quality ports, liqueurs and other pantry items, Roger has turned his attention to the time honoured medieval traditions of harnessing the energies within herbas and the natural elements of the universe.